Richard J. von Ahn

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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Richard von Ahn, Licensed Real Estate SalespersonAbout Richard

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Richard von Ahn became a NYS Licensed Salesperson in 2007. With a bachelor’s degree in business and a background in construction and small business ownership, Richard knows what it takes to successfully bring a job from start to finish. Richard is an excellent trouble shooter and problem solver both in his full time job running his company, American Underground Services, and in his real estate deals. Because Richard can see the big picture, he can visualize the value of every property based on what can be salvaged, not just what it needs new. Richard is excellent at putting together budgets for home renovation projects so that he can ascertain if a property will carry its value forward, after tweaking it to meet the needs of a new owner. Richard, along with his wife Joani von Ahn, has purchased, renovated and sold many properties over the years. These projects have ranged in size and scope and each one has added to his skill set.

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