When you’re ready to put your Capital Region home up for sale, one of the parts of the process you’ll likely consider is doing an open house. Open houses allow a large number of prospective buyers to look at your property over a short period of time and can sometimes result in multiple offers coming in on the same day. Pets can complicate open houses, though. Many animals don’t like it when new people come into their homes, and some people don’t like entering homes with pets that aren’t theirs. Before you have an open house with your pet, consider the following.

brown and white dog laying on the rug in a living room

Find Something Else For Your Pet To Do That Day

Some pets can’t really get in the way, like fish, hamsters or lizards, but cats, dogs, and even parrots are a different story. In addition to the fear and anxiety that your pet might experience, there are people who aren’t used to being around pets, and their presence might reduce those prospective buyers’ interest in your property.

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Finding somewhere else for your pet to spend the day is probably the best bet. Your first option should be whatever your pet is most comfortable or familiar with, whether that be a friend or family member’s house or doggie daycare. You could also ask one of your neighbors to babysit so that your pet will still be nearby.

If you’ve hired a Saratoga NY real estate agent to sell your home, they will likely handle the open house on their own, which will free you up to spend the day elsewhere with your pet. Go to a local park, a pet-friendly restaurant, or spend the day hiking or exploring the outdoors while your open house takes place.

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Make Your Space Safe For Your Pet & Prospective Buyers

If you have no choice but to leave your pet at home during the open house, confine them to a designated space where they’ll be least likely to interfere with showings. Make sure they’re comfortable with a bed or blanket, some toys, and water. You will also want to warn prospective buyers (or have your realtor warn them) about the pets’ presence in case they have any allergies or aversions.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly Before The Open House

Presentation is everything when you’re selling your home, and it will look its best to prospective buyers when it’s clean. This is especially important to consider when you have pets who may track dirt, hair, and odors throughout your house.

You can find and hire a service to make your home spotless or you can do it by yourself. If you choose the latter, just remember to look at it from the perspective of a potential buyer and get rid of stains and smells you may have become blind to.

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Fix Any Damage Caused By Your Pet In Advance

Before showing your home, make sure you fix any damage that your pets may have caused, including scratched moldings, stained carpets, and big holes out in the yard. Even the smallest fixes can help you get much more for your house than you would otherwise be able to.

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