Real estate is often romanticized as a glamorous profession filled with open houses, million-dollar deals, and more. But beyond the glitz lies a dynamic and demanding career that requires a unique blend of skills, dedication, and a whole lot of hustle. 

Curious about what a typical day in the life of a real estate agent looks like? We went straight to the source, interviewing three agents with diverse experiences in the field. From industry veterans to rising stars, they share their daily routines, challenges, and moments that make it all worthwhile.

A Typical Morning for a Realtor

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For many realtors, mornings often begin bright and early with the crucial tasks of catching up on emails, checking the MLS, and prospecting (actively seeking out potential clients). 

Prospecting is essential to Sterling agent Beau Piorkowski, who spends at least an hour a day reaching out to past clients and hunting for off-market deals.

“From catching up with former colleagues to connecting with friends and acquaintances, networking is key. By staying connected, you position yourself as the go-to resource when individuals are considering buying or selling their homes,” explains Piorkowski.

Some aspects of prospecting can include:

  • Networking: Reaching out and staying in contact with friends, family, and acquaintances who might be considering buying or selling a home. 
  • Leads: Contacting individuals who are open to buying or selling through email or phone calls.
  • For Sale By Owner Outreach: Reaching out to homeowners who are selling their property themselves if you have a buyer that might be interested.

Additionally, if a realtor has a lighter day, their mornings may also include market research and career development. 

Contrary to popular belief, real estate agents don’t spend their days solely showing properties and attending open houses. A significant portion of their time is dedicated to research, analysis, and strategizing to ensure their clients make informed decisions. So, staying on top of the ever-changing market trends is essential to being a successful real estate agent.

“Lifelong learning is key in this industry. I actively seek out educational resources, both on my own, like podcasts, and through Sterling Real Estate Group’s programs. By staying at the forefront of the field, I can ensure I’m providing my clients with the best possible guidance and expertise,” says agent Laurie Barton.

A Typical Afternoon for a Realtor

A realtor’s afternoon schedule can vary, usually depending on whether they work with buyers or sellers.


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When working with sellers, one of the most significant parts of a real estate agent’s job is often consulting with their clients. New sellers, especially those who are selling their home for the first time, may require detailed explanations of the listing process, sales price strategy, and timeline, which realtors must be able to navigate effectively.

“Ensuring my clients are fully informed and engaged in the process is crucial,” says Barton. “Every first meeting with a potential client is an opportunity to uncover their desires and requirements, not just in their home sale but also in their expectations from a real estate agent. It’s a collaborative approach to tailoring my service to exceed their expectations.”

Another large part of selling a home is helping out with the staging and photography. When browsing listings yourself, you’re more likely to click on a listing with a high-quality picture that captures the uniqueness of a property – right? An afternoon might involve meeting with photographers to capture a listing’s best angles or assisting sellers with home staging to maximize its appeal. 

After creating a strategy and getting the best pictures possible, agents begin to dive into creating marketing material, hosting open houses, and continuing to network to bring their seller the best possible deal.


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Realtors working with buyers may spend afternoons researching homes that meet their clients’ criteria and ensuring they’re familiar with each property before scheduling tours, which may also involve contacting listing agents for additional details. After research, afternoons are often dedicated to taking buyers on tours of potential properties.

Sterling agent Carla Alvord, a New Homes Sales Specialist, spends most afternoons accompanying potential buyers on homesite or new construction tours.

“When guiding clients on a homesite tour, I am there to answer any questions about our builder’s expertise, the process of home construction, the quality of materials provided, and what the client can expect every step of the way,” says Alvord.

A Typical Evening for a Realtor

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As those with the usual 9-5 jobs are beginning to wind down their days, real estate agents are just getting started with their large amount of administrative work. After Piorkowski spends quality time with his family, he begins to dive in.

First up is a mountain of paperwork; offers need to be drafted, contracts reviewed, and various documents prepared for upcoming appointments.

Next, Piorkowski tackles a backlog of follow-up calls and emails. “When things get hectic, especially when I’m on the road and need my computer to complete a task, I will respond to a message and mark it ‘unread’ for later. Texts and emails accumulate throughout the day, so I dedicate some evening time to clear out those flagged items and keep my inbox under control,” explains Piorkowski.

Additionally, checking in with clients, scheduling inspections, and addressing any lingering questions are all part of the daily routine.

Being a real estate agent also means going above and beyond for your clients, and responding to late-night emails or fielding urgent client calls is often part of the territory. “One of my past clients worked nights, so our schedules completely clashed. His breaks were at 2 in the morning, but I’d still wake up to answer his messages. I wanted to ensure he had every chance to see properties and make offers, just like anyone else. Thankfully, it paid off, and we found him the perfect house,” says Barton.

That’s A Wrap!

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It’s important to note that no two days are the same for real estate agents, and the plans they have for a day can change at any moment. 

At the end of the day, though, it’s all worth it. “I will always remember the clients I’ve been able to serve. I have worked with some of the most phenomenal people. It’s about the relationships, the people you get to meet and help, and it’s inspiring,” says Barton.

Does a career as a real estate agent interest you? If so, reach out! We would love to hear from you.